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Want a Soda With That?

You’ve probably heard that the New York Supreme Court recently overturned Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s so-called “soda ban.” Whether you thought his ban on soda servings larger than 16 ounces was a good idea or not, it certainly identifies an important factor on why Americans are getting fatter every year.

Gluten Schmooten

Have you noticed lately how many people are coming down with gluten sensitivity? There seems to be a sudden epidemic of gluten intolerance in the US. You probably know someone who’s told you how much weight they’ve lost since they stopped eating bread. Gluten is a natural protein found in wheat and other grain products. […]

Is Chris Christy Getting Too Big For His Britches?

Chris Christie recently won his re-election for New Jersey governor in a big way. Republicans are excited because he attracted the Hispanic vote and won in a state that has been leaning blue. Just the other week he was elected chair of the Republicans Governor’s Association. There’s lots of talk about his political future.

Are You Cuckoo For Coconut Oil?

For years we told people that coconut oil, like palm kernel oil, contained a high amount of saturated fats. That’s still true. Coconut oil is 92% saturated. Butter is about 63% saturated and beef is about 50% saturated. Olive and soybean oils, by comparison are only about 15% saturated. We also believe that saturated fat […]

Alive in the 1800s?

Two women are still alive having been born in the 1800s. What is the secret to their health? Well, one is three raw eggs a day and the other is attributed to fruits and vegetables.

101 Year Old Veteran Finally Gets Honored

This 101 year old veteran got medals and recognition after seven decades. Eating healthy and being conscious of your heart is a good way to prevent an early death.

Miller Long Life?

This 110-year-old’s secret to old age: 3 beers and a shot. Although it might work for her, you should probably consider a healthier diet.