Some People Are Taking A Big Bite Out Of Your Bottom Line

It just makes sense. The health of your people impacts the health of your company.

David Meinz can motivate your people to live healthier, more productive lives.

When you improve the health of your people, you improve performance, efficiency, productivity, and PROFIT!

General Electric found that employees who exercise have half the absenteeism rate of non-exercisers.
On average, annual medical costs for normal weight employees are $1400 less than for those who are overweight.
According to the American Heart Association, over 70% of all health care costs are preventable.

As you know, we make candy. I was a little nervous, but within five minutes you had the full attention of each and every person in the room. You gave us a great foundation upon which to build our wellness program.

Virginia Otis, Just Born

Virginia Otis

Everyone is still raving about your presentation, you are a dynamic and engaging speaker. We appreciate your knowledge on wellness and your research to back it up.

Tierney Anderson, The Alliance: An employer-owned and directed health care cooperative

Tierney Anderson

Your participation was instrumental in making this years Million Dollar Round Table meeting a phenomenal success! Our committee spent 15 months looking for the right people. Clearly, they made a great choice in selecting YOU!

Jennifer A. Borislow, MDRT

Jennifer Borislow

WANT MORE? The keynote is just the beginning. After David introduces or re-energizes your wellness program, he offers a full one-year follow-up program to assure that your people’s interest translates into real-life health improvement. Offerings can include lifestyle assessment, advanced bio-markers, a bi-weekly video series, one-on-one wellness coaching and more! Contact us and we’ll send you the details.

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