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Salad Bar Smarts

Today’s salad bars offer everything from soup to nuts – cheeses, breads, soups, and side dishes of pasta and potato salads, as well as sunflower seeds, croutons, bacon bits, olives and creamy dressings. If you’re not watchful, your salad could easily drown in a fat bath.

Sound Mind, Sound Body

How well your body works has a lot to do with your brain. For example, your immune system is the most powerful healing force you have and your brain controls it to some degree. Research suggests that positive mental and emotional expectations can boost your immunity when you’re sick. How’s your emotional health? You can […]

Bone Up On Bone Loss

Osteoporosis is a major cause of disability in the U.S. The loss of bone as we age can cause shrinking stature, disabling pain, and bone fracture. An older person who fractures a hip due to osteoporosis has only a 50% chance of full recovery. In fact, osteoporosis indirectly leads to more deaths in older women […]

Too Tired Too Much

What ordinary malady accounts for more than 10 million doctor visits in the U.S. every year? It’s fatigue, which is not an illness, but a symptom with many possible causes. Sometimes feeling tired can be the result of thyroid problems, heart disease, anemia and depression. But more often it is simply lifestyle that is to […]

Dose of Precaution

Be safe when using OTC drugs There are hundreds of drugs sold over the counter today which required a physician’s prescription less than 20 years ago. They help us take charge of our health, but we need to be cautious about what we’re taking. That’s when you need to rely on your pharmacist for more […]

TOP 15 Nutrition Tips

Add more plant foods – fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains – to boost your protection against disease. (Read “Strive for 5″ at right). Choose dark green salad leaves – the darker, the more nutritious. Add beans – high in fiber and protein – to soups, salads, etc. If you add mayonnaise, salad dressings, sour […]