Want a Soda With That?

You’ve probably heard that the New York Supreme Court recently overturned Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s so-called “soda ban.” Whether you thought his ban on soda servings larger than 16 ounces was a good idea or not, it certainly identifies an important factor on why Americans are getting fatter every year.
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Gluten Schmooten

Have you noticed lately how many people are coming down with gluten sensitivity? There seems to be a sudden epidemic of gluten intolerance in the US. You probably know someone who’s told you how much weight they’ve lost since they stopped eating bread.

Gluten is a natural protein found in wheat and other grain products. Some people, a very small number of people by the way, have a genetic disorder that causes an autoimmune response when they eat it. GI symptoms can include stomach ache, bloating, diarrhea, gas, and unexplained weight loss. Gluten sensitivity is a less dramatic form of the more serious problem called celiac disease.
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Is Chris Christy Getting Too Big For His Britches?

Chris Christie recently won his re-election for New Jersey governor in a big way. Republicans are excited because he attracted the Hispanic vote and won in a state that has been leaning blue. Just the other week he was elected chair of the Republicans Governor’s Association. There’s lots of talk about his political future.

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Are You Cuckoo For Coconut Oil?

For years we told people that coconut oil, like palm kernel oil, contained a high amount of saturated fats. That’s still true. Coconut oil is 92% saturated. Butter is about 63% saturated and beef is about 50% saturated. Olive and soybean oils, by comparison are only about 15% saturated. We also believe that saturated fat tends to raise your risk of heart disease and stroke, the biggest killers of Americans.

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1st Commandment

Thou shall eat less fat than thy neighbor. Go from the average of 82g of fat a day down to 50 grams (recommended 30% guideline, on the conservative side). Fat is the number one dietary factor in heart disease and cancer in the U.S. Continue reading

Here’s Why Most People Don’t Exercise

You know you should, you know it’s good for you and you feel better when you do it ­ so why don’t most people put fitness into their lifestyle? It’s my experience that most don’t integrate activity into their routine for two reasons:

#1 It’s Inconvenient.

As a speaker I travel a lot, and when I get into a hotel or back home late, the last thing I feel like doing is rushing to a gym and waiting in line for a piece of equipment that may or may not work. If you’re typical, your lifestyle doesn’t allow you a lot of free time.
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The Bottom Line

By David Meinz, MS, RD, FADA, CSP

Whether you are an employee or an employer, your personal health can have a real impact on the economic health of your organization. According to the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, one million U.S. workers call in sick every day! Researchers recently reported in a study of over 8000 company employees that those who were not physically fit had an absenteeism rate two and a half times higher than those who were. Continue reading

Fast Food – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

By David Meinz, MS, RD, FADA, CSP

Americans are eating more fast food than ever.

In 1985 we spent $65 billion on the stuff, but by 1993 that amount rose to more than a whopping $94 billion! Millions of people eat it every day – so why not choose the best? The choices at the top fast food restaurants are better than ever ­ and they are simultaneously worse than ever. Today’s fast foods can add too much sodium, fat, and cholesterol or they can actually be a part of a nutritious diet. Read on to learn how to improve your intake at the Basic 4: McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, and Dominos.
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Salad Bar Smarts

Today’s salad bars offer everything from soup to nuts – cheeses, breads, soups, and side dishes of pasta and potato salads, as well as sunflower seeds, croutons, bacon bits, olives and creamy dressings. If you’re not watchful, your salad could easily drown in a fat bath.
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