Speaking Services

At your next event, choose a keynote speaker that incorporates content, humor, and motivation into the same program.

For Executives

Some people are taking a big bite out of your bottom line. It just makes sense. The health of your people impacts the health of your company. David Meinz can motivate your people to live healthier, more productive lives.


For Sales Professionals

Healthy sales people are better sales people! “America’s Personal Health Improvement Expert” David Meinz shows how personal health improvement improves sales performance.

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For Financial, Banking, and Insurance Groups

How To Have A HUNDRED HEALTHY Birthdays

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For Corporate Wellness

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle requires a lot of energy. But there’s a healthier, more effective approach than Red Bull, donuts, and coffee.

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For Dental Groups

Internationally acclaimed speaker on nutrition and health and how it relates to your dental practice.

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For Colleges And Universities

Healthy College Life – by David Meinz – Eating your way through college.

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