A Hundred Healthy Birthdays

Author and nutritionist David Meinz provided Main Platform attendees with several helpful hints for how to live a healthy and productive life.

7 Steps to Peak Performance On The Road

In today’s global marketplace, traveling to do business is a given. For most of us the exhilaration of being a jet-setter has given way to the exhaustion of being a frequent flyer. You can meet the challenges of life on the road and maximize your performance simultaneously. Here are some tips:

Fast Food – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

There are some outright great foods available today at your fast food restaurant. But for the most part, many of the choices leave a lot to be desired from a nutritional standpoint. So rather than waiting for McDonald’s to come out with a tasty McSoyBurger your best bet is to improve on the items that are on the menu now.

The Truth About Coffee

Americans drink a whopping 500 million cups of coffee every day! That’s more than any other country in the world. It’s been our national drink ever since the Boston Tea Party, and the good news about coffee is that there is very little bad news.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are an employee or an employer, your personal health can have a real impact on the economic health of your organization. According to the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, one million U.S. workers call in sick every day! Researchers recently reported in a study of over 8000 company employees that those who were not physically fit had an absenteeism rate two and a half times higher than those who were.

Why Most People Don’t Exercise – Here’s What To Do About It

You know you should, you know it’s good for you and you feel better when you do it ­ so why don’t most people put fitness into their lifestyle? It’s my experience that most don’t integrate activity into their routine for two reasons…

More About Coffee

As we said in an earlier article, the news about moderate intake of caffeine is good. If the research ever does show any significant harmful effects of coffee—and it doesn’t right now—it will be in those who are consuming amounts above that of moderation.

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