Top, innovative companies today realize that the physical and mental health of their workforce and leadership team is at the root of their success and determines the power of their competitive edge in the market place.

International speaker and author David Meinz presents FUN, motivating, content-rich programs on personal health improvement.

The overall success of your company is measured by more than sales quotas, market share, and stock options. And it goes far deeper than team building, strategic planning and effective communication.

David Meinz - Keynote Speaker

David Meinz - Keynote Speaker

Health promotion is an investment in human capital and productivity. Employees in optimal physical health are more likely to be on the job and performing well. They are more likely to be attracted to and remain with a company that obviously values them.

With years of experience and a commitment to being the best you can be….David Meinz will challenge your team to think deeper, choose smarter, and make healthier decisions that will create the kind of work environment that will give your organization the results they desire and the success they deserve.


75% of health care costs are the result of just four conditions: obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes.

70% of Americans are now overweight. Yes, 70%! According to the Journal of Health Economics, obese men cost employers an additional $1,152 a year in medical spending; women $3,614 more.

Research done on a group of 1200 insurance company employees in Toronto found that those who had the highest participation rates in exercise and health education programs had a 22% decrease in absenteeism over the control group. The company calculated that this was worth two and a half days per employee per year, which came to a yearly savings of $175,000 for the company of 1200 people.

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