3 Massive Mistakes
YPO Members Make

That Keep Them Tired, Gaining Weight, and at High Risk For a Heart Attack


Ten Bonus Years book

You’ll Discover

  • The latest information on how you can get MORE ENERGY and maximize your health in today’s hectic lifestyle, including why you should BUY A TAPE MEASURE and throw away your bathroom scale.
  • A brand new approach to preventing the #1 killer of CEO’s: cardiovascular disease… information EVEN YOUR DOCTOR DOESN’T KNOW. A bold statement, but David will share a totally new perspective that can save you and those you love from ever having a cardiac event in the first place.

A Special Opportunity

  • David is offering all attendees the chance to have a CIMT (carotid intima-media test). This CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY, a non-invasive ultra-sound of your neck arteries, sees cardiovascular disease LONG BEFORE OTHER more traditional tests can. This is NOT the neck ultra-sound test you may have had before. It’s well beyond anything offered anywhere else and now endorsed by the American Heart Association.


  • At a recent YPO-Gold meeting, the presence of arterial plaque was found in 87% of the group.
  • At a recent YPO meeting, the average woman had arteries 7 years older than her chronological age. Half of all the members had plaque.

You will be pleased to know the members rated your presentation the HIGHEST OF ALL the EDUCATIONAL EVENTS IN THE ENTIRE YEAR.

Steven Palmer, Atlantic Canada Chapter, YPO

Steve Plamer

A great event and wonderful kickoff to our year. Relevant, entertaining, and with the potential to save lives. I highly recommend David’s program to other chapters.

Charles Vogl, Chicago WPO

Charles Vogl

Your ratings were the highest given so far this year; ALMOST HITTING A PERFECT “10.” We had one of the best turnouts we have seen in the last several years.

Kevin Kervick, Connecticut River Valley Chapter, YPO

Kevin Kervick

Your program was highly rated and well received. Many friends ended up having follow up tests … which I think is a very good thing.

Concho Minick, Ft. Worth-YPO

Concho Minick

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Clients love