Healthy Sales

Discover An Entirely Different Way to Increase Sales.

“You taught us how to feel better and be more productive,
and you entertained us at the same time!”
—WD Evans, Bluefield Sales Executive Club

It’s no secret. Healthier people are more productive. But being in sales can make getting healthy, or staying healthy, a real challenge. That’s why David wrote the book and created this special program. It’s a fact, improving personal health is the ultimate tool for improving sales performance.

If you’re a sales professional looking for an edge, then “Healthy Sales” is for you. It’s exactly what you need to create the kind of energy and focus that can take you to the next level of sales success.


“High Energy” on a protein bar does NOT mean it will increase your mental alertness. Legally, it simply means it’s high in calories.

A study at Columbia University found that people who travel for work two or more weeks a month are more likely to be overweight and have poor health.

Dunkin Donuts adds 9 teaspoons of sugar to their large coffee.

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